So how are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? Already hating yourself for giving up Jan 2nd?

Did you know that, according to statistics, most people throw in the towel to becoming a better and brighter person by Jan 12th? Ouch.

So how can we make those resolutions stick in 2020? I recently read an article that suggested splitting up your resolutions into 12 monthly goals.

For January I set a goal of sacrificing my CNN screen time and committing to watch more documentaries.  Yes, I would have to put away my Jay Tapper T-shirt and Don Lemon coffee mug for 31 days.

The results were immediate. I felt happier, more uplifted and confident that the world was not going to blow up – at least not this week.

There are SO many people trying to do good things out there.

Next time you’re on Netflix, check out the following docs…

The Game Changers

Whether you are an environmentalist, an extreme athlete, recovering from or prone to heart attack – this really is a film to watch.

One of my favorite quotes from The Game Changers:

“Someone asked me, ‘ How could you get as strong as an ox without eating any meat? My answer was, ‘ Have you ever seen an ox eating meat?’ ”

~ Patrick Baboumian/ World record holding strongman

Inside Bill’s Brain

Great doc on how Bill and Melinda Gates are trying to change the world for the better.

Fun fact… Did you know that Bill Gates is Warren Buffet’s bridge partner?  Okay, not necessarily a FUN fact but interesting nonetheless. By the way, Warren needs to stop putting so much salt on his hamburgers. We need the ‘Oracle of Omaha’ to stick around as long as possible. Warren – check out The Game Changers.

On Yoga: The Architecture to Peace

12-months-12-resolutions-yoga-near ocean

Celebrity photographer Michael O’Neill travels the world to photograph some of the world’s top yogis and gurus in some of the craziest positions and with the most breathtaking landscapes.

Yes, the documentary inspired me to stretch but perhaps more importantly, you can see the impact of yoga and meditation on creating a happier and more peaceful planet.

On that note, so far so good for January.

I’ll let you know if my next resolution (getting healthier) survives until the end of February.