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Judy Croon is Canada’s Keynote Humorist | Motivational Speaker | Comedian |author and stand-up coach at Second City who entertains, informs and inspires.

On the stage, Judy draws from her performance experience, wit, and insight to entertain, inform and inspire in her dynamic keynotes and half day workshops.

Judy you are a star!

Thank you SO much for participating in our conference this past weekend.It was such a pleasure to have you with us: you are a star. You are so great at what you do.

~CWIM Canadian Women in Medicine


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Relieving Work Related Stress with Humour (Virtual and In-Person)

Judy’s 7 Ingredients to Laugh Long and Pro$per

Canada's Keynote humourist Judy Croon on stage


judy says…

In this day and age of change what better time for a little bit of humour and/or motivation. 

Join me once a month to laugh long and pro$per

Playing to the Back of the Room

Playing to the Back of the Room

As comedians, we sometimes play to the ‘back of the room’. You’re on the road with two other comedians and you’ve heard each other’s sets three or four times already, so you start yelling out ‘requests’ from the back of the room during a late Saturday night show....



Don’t be shy. You can check out my Laugh Long and Prosper podcast on Spotify or Soundcloud. As many studies have shown throughout time, exercise is not only good for our bodies but it’s also good for our brains.  ‘Big Brains’ throughout history have known the benefits...

The Incredible Benefits of Laughter Yoga

The Incredible Benefits of Laughter Yoga

In 1998, Dr. Madan Kataria, a medical doctor from Mumbai, was studying the health benefits of laughter. He decided to do some tests with his patients. First, he asked them to stand in a circle and tell jokes or funny stories for ten minutes once a day. Everyone was...

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Makes sense to book the keynote who stands head and shoulders above the rest!  Canada’s Keynote Humourist Judy Croon is most vertically blessed.

Judy would love to hear from you: whether it’s a booking request or a fan letter (as long as it’s not creepy!)

Canada's Keynote Humourist

Judy Croon

Speaker • Comedian • Author

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