Second City Teacher - Judy Croon

Stand-Up To Stress Workshop

Judy is a stand-up coach at SECOND CITY, MoSpeakers Big Day Academy and she also teaches privately.

She is the author of ‘Stand-Up Comedy School: Stand Up in 10 Steps‘.

‘Stand Up in 10 Steps’ is a hands-on workbook for comedians, corporate speakers and anyone who just wants to be funny! Judy uses the powerful tool of comedy to help others get their message across, improve their presentation skills and fight stress.

Judy has a vast amount of experience as a keynote speaker for conferences and team building events. Her background is as a professional comedian, with a specialization in motivational speaking and adult learning.
Judy is able to provide customized presentations & workshops, to suit your needs.

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After this workshop
Participants will be able to:

  • Use humour to improve their brainstorming and team building efforts
  • Use humour to lower their blood pressure and feel happier and healthier
  • Feel more confident in their creativity, risk taking and unique problem solving abilities
  • Feel more confident in stepping outside of their ‘comfort zone’ and thinking outside of  the box
  • Improve their presentation skills using amusing anecdotes to make a point
  • Capitalize on their individual personalities and strengths using humour
  • Feel great after laughing and learning together
  • Realize that EVERYONE has a funny bone!

Featured in the Toronto Star

Judy was featured in the “Toronto Star” Newspaper. Toronto Star Article.  The article can also be found on our press page.

Second City comedy school teaches funny

By DENIS GRIGNON Special to the StarThu., July 10, 2014 

You can’t teach funny. Ya got it or ya don’t. Or so goes the axiom upheld by most veteran standup comics.

Just ask them and they’ll fervently proselytize about it. Endlessly.

Judy Croon, however, won’t.

“Anyone can be funny,” insists the well-travelled standup comedian and one of Yuk-Yuk’s most reliable acts for more than 20 years. “They just have to be pissed off or at least passionate about something.”

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