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Multi-generations in the Workplace. Upcoming Event!

The following notes are taken from an episode of my podcast Laugh Long and Prosper.

Join me May 7th at Hart House as I will be the keynote speaker at this event.

Hi there, I’m Judy Croon, Canada’s Keynote Humourist. Welcome to another episode of Laugh Long and Prosper – Shelf Help with a smile.

Today, I have the honour of speaking to Cynthia Rubino, founder of Cytrine

Cynthia is a professor, PE Coach, advocate, mentor, speaker and advertising and marketing leader

Empower The Future

 On the morning of May 7th, we are working on something together called Empower the Future!

This event is happening at Hart House in the Great Hall at U OF T.

I love Cytrine’s Inaugural Event Theme – Chatter that Matters in our Workplace:

A look at multi-generational communication- Mentoring, Guiding and Supporting Young Professionals in the Workplace.

Cytrine has partnered with the Globe and Mail to present this fantastic inaugural event.


For tickets you can go to Eventbrite .ca Look for Chatter matters in the workplace.

Also, here is the link. 

Empower the Future – Eventbrite Link

There will also be 3 panels going on that day:

From the Classroom to the Boardroom (Professors from various post-secondary institutions)

Voices of the Z’S (Young professionals in the workforce and students)

Workplace Wisdom (Agency, media sales and marketing sales)

Again, this is happening May 7TH at the prestigious Hart House. 

Cynthia also has another special event coming up June 7th – a Gala event entitled; I Matter.

I Matter Shines Light Gala 

For details, feel free to directly reach out at

 Tickets can be purchased directly through Cynthia’s email. 

Judy: Cynthia, welcome to the show.

Cynthia: Thank you for having me. I’m excited. 

Judy: How many generations are in the workplace right now?

This is a huge challenge! Also, can you tell us what is the name, stereotype and approximate age range for each generation? How are they all melding together in the workplace?

Cynthia: Well, you’ve got the Boomers, right? The Boomers are in there. They are approximately in their 60’s

Judy: What are the stereotypes about the Boomers in the workplace right now?

Cynthia:  haha I can’t wait for your keynote! The Boomers – they are so loyal! They will take on anything that you ask them to do. They will remain with a company just because they are very grateful.

‘You know, I’m going to stick through everything…through thick and thin!’

Kind of like a marriage haha

So those are the Boomers.

They are the lifelongers.

Judy: We are like the golden retrievers of the workplace. Very loyal.

Cynthia: Very loyal. Then you have the Xers in there. I would say they are in their forties, late forties, fifty-ish. They come from the ‘latch key’ generation. What I mean by that is when they were growing up, both parents went to work. There is the stereotype where you would have the key around your neck and that key would take you inside your home and no one was home.

They are very much street smart. They have that critical thinking. They can easily troubleshoot because they’ve had to since they were little.

They were used to being on their own and being independent because mom and dad (or whoever the guardian was at the time) was not home because they were working.

So, these are the kids or children maybe starting dinner or doing their homework on their own.

Nobody told them what to do because nobody was home.

They had to figure out what to do.

Now you transfer that into the workplace.

Then you have the Y’s.

The Y’s are in their 30’s, late 30’s -ish.

This generation is a mixed bag. They are tech savvy. The technology started not at the beginning of their lifespan, but sort of in their mid-twenties or maybe even nineteen.

They are very good.

They are very tech savvy but they care a lot about being able to grow and have a lot of skill sets.

As you know, our industry is known for its revolving door. People stay for two years and then they leave or go somewhere else. This is very different from the Boomers.

So, the Ys have a bit of loyalty, but will leave.

Judy: Finally, what is the last group, Cynthia?

Cynthia: The one and only- the Gen Zs. They are in their early 20s.

Even 18,19 – around there.

They were born into tech. They are so savvy and so much more. So much savvier than any of us can even imagine. But they have already had a lot to deal with in their lifespan.

They had COVID, which put a dent (especially, for the earlier Gen Zs in their academia and into their life and rite of passage -whatever that was at the time).

They have a different perspective on life. They are very much eager to know about the culture. The four walls matter to them whereas the Boomers were more like, “I’m just grateful to take any job, thank you very much!”

Whereas the Gen Z’s are very much more methodical and thinking, “Okay, well what is it that I want to do?”

By the way, they will press pause.

Judy To your point, I read this great Forbes article.

It said, “Boomers are set in their ways and afraid of new technologies; Gen-X couldn’t care less about what people think about them; Millennials want a trophy for everything they do and Gen-Z—the largest generational demographic in the United States at more than 90 million strong—aspire to be TikTok influencers.”

Whether this article is true or not, it’s certainly challenging for someone like you who comes along and says, “Can’t we all just get along? Can’t we make this work?”

So, now I’m going to ask you a bit of a reverse question, “What can each of these generations teach each other?”

Cynthia:  I believe that each generation has fantastic things that we can share – nuggets that we can share.  To your point, it is the stereotypes, right?

They’re lazy.

They don’t want to. They don’t care.

Oh, look at them leaving at 5 on the dot because they have to go somewhere.

Look at them, they have their screens off.

C’mon, get on line.

I believe that the Gen Zs can absolutely teach others how to sort of be on top of things and more efficient with technology.

So how do we use technology to our advantage in the workplace? I think that is key -especially, as we enter an era of AI (where it is, in my opinion, to support – not take over but to support.)

But I also think that with the Gen Z’s, in all fairness with technology -it’s a massive distraction.

I can’t even imagine what’s going on in their heads. It’s like squirrels, right? Look, there’s a shiny object. I’m here. I’m there. It’s like they have to learn how to focus.

They have to learn to pay attention, be mindful, and be aware.

I think that’s what the Boomers can teach them.

Judy: The morning of May 7th, again, we are doing this terrific event called Empower the Future.

This event is happening in Hart House in the great hall at U of T.

For tickets you can go to Eventbrite .ca Look for Chatter matters in the workplace.

Also, here is the link.

Empower the Future – Eventbrite Link

Cynthia also has another special event coming up June 7th – a Gala event entitled; I Matter.

I Matter Shines Light Gala 

For details, feel free to directly reach out at

 Tickets can be purchased directly through Cynthia’s email. 

Cynthia, thank you so much for joining me on the show today. It was so fun.

Cynthia: Thank you for having me.

Until next time folks, laugh long and prosper!