The Royal Wedding….was spectacular. I had all intentions of getting up at 3 am which never happened but I did get up at 6- just in time for the Royal Wedding! Yippee. Come on. How often do these things happy? And yes, you can watch all the video replays that you want but nothing like seeing it live, I say.
So here were some of my favorite Royal Wedding moments:

–         Kate’s dress was stunning (The fact that the media didn’t  release what the dress looked like prior to the Royal Wedding was incredible. Now, was that because of media respect or super tough security? Yeah, probably super tough security. Even though there was much speculation anyway that the royal wedding dress was created by Alexander McQueen designer Sarah Burton.)
–         Harry whispering to William in the church ( as Kate was approaching) “ Wait till you see her.”
–         Queen Elizabeth II looked mahvelous ( she’s 85!) QE2 actually smiled when William and Kate walked by after saying their vows. Shocking, I know.
–         William’s casual chattiness prior to the exchanging of the vows. Maybe he was trying to take the tension out of the royal wedding. It worked because Kate looked relaxed too- considering the magnitude of the event.
-Kate and William smiling at each other during the royal wedding vows. Aaawwww.
–         Tradition. The Royal Wedding pomp and circumstance. The trumpets, the horse drawn carriage ride from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace, the crowds along the route, etc.  No one does it better than the Brits, I’m sorry.
–         A POSITIVE World Event
–         The huge roars from the public when Kate and William exited the church
–         The fact that it stopped raining when Kate said ‘ I will’. Nice royal wedding touch.
–         The playing of God Save the Queen inside and outside the church
–         Tracey Ullman and Lisa Laflamme’s good cop/ bad cop banter after the wedding. Very funny.
–         The Union Jack
–         Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ( nice handle, not too stuffy)
–         Finally, and of course, the Royal Wedding balcony double kiss followed by the fly over.
Best Royal Wedding Hair Plugs Sir Elton John! Wow. So natural. Seriously, goes to show you what money can buy. Well spent, Elton.