Before we even talk about X Factor’s Top 16+ 1 from last night, first you should look at this video.
Make sure you grab a kleenex first. This kid was competing in X Factor Australia. Major tear jerker.
Okay, onto the shallow-  X Factor USA.  The top 16+1
There was crying, cheering, gnashing of teeth…and that’s just within the group I was blogging with last night.
Pretty controversial picks though. There was obvious, not so obvious and was Simon thinking with his pants?
Astro – 14 year old rapper who got a two-for- one deal at Hakeem Optical with LA Reid.
Astro is an LA Reid Minnie Me and deserves to make it through. This little punk has grown on me.
Phillip Lomax- I don’t really get the Karate Kid/ Frank Sinatra vibe. I think it was more of a case of they had to pick somebody. Phillip will be the first to go from this group.
Chris Rene- Hey Homie. Awesome. Original. A likeable Eminem. I hope he can stay clean.
Marcus- Seriously talented. The fact that this guy is so sure of himself that he can stare Rihanna in the eyes and serenade her is pretty damn confident.
I could do without this group but as Anna Gustafson says, ‘Paula wouldn’t have a job if they didn’t have this category.
Here are the qualifiers.
Brewer Boys
Lakoda Rayne
Stereo Hogs
It’s really not fair that the groups that X Factor put together should really beat out genuine groups that competed on the show ie For Shore and The Answr
By the way, The Answr was amazing. Why doesn’t someone pick them up as a Christian band? How come gospel singers haven’t been allowed to qualify or perform on these reality shows. Seems like a shoe- in for middle America.
What was Nicole doing in that Pocohontos outfit. Anna and Sabrina couldn’t figure out if she had a maple leaf or a wolf on the back. Bruce thought she was dressed to do psychic readings.
There was a big mistake in this group. I love Nicole but she is the unstable version of Paula (that says a lot) and I think she votes too much with her heart.
JOSH- OMG. No doubt. His version of The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face was chilling and could be a single tomorrow.
STACEY- Her Purple Rain version the other night could be a single tomorrow. This lady is going to get a call from Prince says Ron McKinnon. I agree. Amazing performance.
DEXTER- No. Love this guy. Love his story but someone needs to give him a break in Vegas and book him as a James Brown tribute act. Seriously, he could do that for years and make big money. But he doesn’t deserve a spot in the top four of this group. This fourth spot should have gone to Elaine the Wedding Singer. She was amazing and a star.
LEROY BELL- I like this guy ( sounds very much like Michael Bolton) and I’m impressed with the Dorian Grey magic potion that he’s drinking ( I can’t believe that he is 60!) Again, I would have preferred to see Elaine instead.
Simon blew his credibility with me.
DREW- Awesome. Totally agree
RACHEL CROW- Yes, Incredible.
SIMONE BATTLE –  Simon is thinking with his pants.
TIAH- Simon is thinking with his pants.
MELANIE AMARO- I hope they haven’t screwed up Melanie’s confidence by making her #17. She didn’t deserve the three ring circus that they put her through.
The only slack I will give Simon is that perhaps the Elaines and Melanies of this world are GREAT singers but they don’t have that X Factor HUGE star potential.
Here is my call for the future.
Josh, Hey Homie, Drew Melanie and Astro
Hey Homie, Josh and Drew
Top 2
Hey Homie and Josh ( winner Josh)
Or Top 2
Drew and Josh ( winner Josh)
Stayed tuned next Tuesday for a special 2 ½ hour X Factor.