Check out these X Factor Makeovers. Very cool!
X Factor hit the BIG stage last night and it was a bit of a letdown.
Astro and Marcus were both solid
Chris Hey Homie was ‘warbly’ but got  through Phillip Lomax was aiight.but was dumped

Stereo Hogs were okay. Paula did a great job on choreography but the massive 12 foot camera shots of everyone’s faces was a bit distracting.
Also, on a technical note, the stage swallows everyone up. It’s too BIG. Simon obviously has stage envy.
InTENsity should have gone home but Brewer Boys got thrown under the bus with a bad song.
Stacey was shaky. She makes me wish that they kept Eileen, the wedding singer.
Josh’s did the best that he could do with Forever Young but whoever is re-arranging the songs this year, is sloooowing everything down and it’s a bit annoying.
Leroy was okay but it was time for Dexter to go.
Simone Battle and Tiah were both terrible. They deserved the chop.
Drew and Melanie were both fabulous. It’s ridiculous that Melanie was even considered on the chopping block.
Based on last night, it’s looking more and more like the final two will be Drew and Josh.