If rioters took the streets of Vancouver Wednesday night after the Canucks’ Game 7 loss, Vancouver volunteers took those same streets back Thursday morning.
The broom is mightier than the Molotov cocktail (or something like that)
But I hope this story makes it around the world, as well.
When a Facebook site called Post Riot Clean Up- Let’s help Vancouver hit the internet, over 15,000 citizens responded.
Bandana wearing cowards were no match for moms, dads, kids, students and hey, David Suzuki was probably in there too with his Berkenstocks.
Where idiots broke windows and rolled cars the night be, volunteers scrubbed over graffiti and replanted trees.
Plywood that covered up the abuse of the night before became placards of inspiration for good people who wanted to leave their messages of hope.
One person wrote, “The people last night are not true Vancouverites- The people cleaning up after them are.”
I bet it was Sarah Mclachlan who scribbled that quickly on her way to a jam session.
Way to go Vancouver. Nice to see those Canuck jerseys again!!!
Maybe the Stanley Cup didn’t come from a win in game six, seven, three or four.
But maybe the Stanley Cup….perhaps…means a little bit more.

Fah who Foraze… Dah who doraze……
(Okay, I’m losing it.)