Everyone is calling it Tippergate. Talk about revenge. A bartender in Seattle not only didn’t get a tip from a customer but she also got an insult written on the receipt. Victoria Liss picked up the receipt to see a ‘zero’ written in the tip part and then a comment added to the bottom of the receipt that said, “ PS. You can stand to lose a few pounds.” Ouch.
Well not only was this customer nasty but he also wasn’t the brightest bulb on the porch.
Andrew Meyer paid with a credit card. His name was stamped on the receipt.
Victoria Liss took the receipt home and uploaded a picture of it to Facebook which drew hundreds of comments. Her supporters called Andrew Meyer the “worst customer ever” and “a soulless, miserable person.”
Unfortunately, innocent victims with the same name ‘Andrew Meyer’ started to receive scathing messages and phone calls.
So what should the real Andrew Meyer have done? Obviously, he should have been direct and complained about whatever it was that was bothering him during his meal. Heck, he probably would have received another meal.
What should Victoria Liss have done?  As funny as the Facebook idea was, she probably should have ignored Andrew Meyer. The guy might live in her neighborhood and now that the story has gone viral, who knows what he might decide to do. It’s not worth it.