So in this episode ( the hometown dates) the Bachelor got to meet the families of the four girls still left in the competition.
First off, there was Chantal from Seattle. Wow! How loaded is she?? Brad’s probably thinking that her stock value just went up 500% . Who else’s family has a massive bronze sculpture in the hallway?? (other than in Woodbridge..haha JUST kidding)
On a completely unrelated note, doesn’t Chantal’s mother look like…

the mother from Modern Family ( Sophia Vergara) in a surgically altered sort of way??
AND just when we think Brad is totally ga ga over Chantal in Seattle, he turns on the exacts same charm and the exact same lines on the other girls
CUE: “ This is the girl that I fell for.”
CUE: “I miss you already.”
Chantel, Ashley, Shawntel and Emily….RUN!!!!
Ultimately, in the end, Shawntel the Mortician was sent packing.
I suspect the producers kept her in the show just to play up the creepy funeral home angle.
But she was classy to the end – in a playful ‘I’m going to kill you, gut you and embalm you sort of way.’
Maybe Brad was stuffed into the trunk of the departing limo while Shawntel quietly wept to the camera.
FINALE I’m guessing now it’s going to be between Emily ( with her daughter Ricky Bobby from Talledega Nights) and Daddy Warbucks backed Chantal from Seattle.
Either way, you just know you’re going to be reading about Brad’s infidelity on the next cover of People magazine.
One more note: Cudos to Ashley from Maine for introducing Brad to Poutine.
Go Canada Go. Maybe she’s trying to clog his arteries pre-maturely?