Dia or Javier
I have to admit, I stopped watching this show quite awhile back but you know me, the old bandwagon jumper…(ie Vancouver Canucks)…so here I am blasting through the Final Four. I think it might be Dia or Javier but I could be totally wrong. Both of them are the complete package but my concern for Dia is that she sounds sooo much like Colbie Caillat. If she can break away from that and ‘make it her own’ as the kids say then she’s laughing.
Blake is a Cyborg

Cudos to Blake Shelton. Even though he’s got the ‘death stare’ when he sings, he’s really put himself on the map with this show.
Love is a  Battlefield
What the heck was Cee Lo wearing in the opening performance? Some sort of kaftan- all-you-can-eat-buffet- wearing- tarp/dress. You got to hand it to the guy. He does like to make an entrance. His ‘ Love is a Battlefield’ duet with Vicci was pretty entertaining.
Opening Song- Yikes
Okay, that opening song with the Four Divas ( Adam-will-my-poofy-hair- make-me-look-taller-Levine, Cee-Lo-Aretha-Franklin-wardrobe-Green, Christina- I-had-some-plastic-surgery- Aguiliera and Blake-I’m-looking-at-you- is-your-skin-burning- Shelton) was terrible. Two words- SOUND CHECK. Eeek. Battle of the egos.
‘No, it’s my turn to do a solo!’
Where is Ryan Seacrest when you need him???
Carson Daly is no Ryan Seacrest. I know. How bad is it when you are begging to see Ryan Seacrest?? Carson doesn’t have the pipes and/or sincere ‘sounding’ chatty banter that we know and love to hate.
Now I heard a rumour…that all of these of these finalists have recording contracts already and The Voice is a a way of promoting these new artists who are already signed! Sort of explains why I didn’t get an invite to the auditions haha. At any rate, need it or not, the winner will walk off with $100,000 and a recording contract..hmmmm..another recording contract perhaps??
Cudos to all four competitors..Vicci, Beverly, Javier and Dia. Will I watch The Voice again? Absolutely, I’ll watch the finals this time next year!!!