Well there’s a shocker. Charlie Sheen’s concert last night was a BOMB. What was suppose to be the first of a twenty city ‘Torpedo Of Truth’ tour now seems to be in jeopardy.
The reviews were not kind.
Apparently, quite early into the show, people started booing and screaming ‘Refund!!’. Ouch.

What did these people expect? Spiderman on Broadway?
Did they not kind of deserve this?
I personally would rather sit in the front row of  a Yanni concert and stick hot pins in my eyes than watch Charlie Sheen rant for  70 minutes.
At one point in the evening,Sheen tried to pacify the crowd by telling them that Snoop Dogg was going to be performing later on in the show.
Instead the audience was treated to a Snoop Dogg video.
Yes, even the eternally high Snoop Dogg saw this PR disaster a mile away and phoned in his performance.
At another low point, ( again, early on in the evening) when someone booed, Sheen looked at an audience member and said,  “ Dude, I’ve already gone your money.”
Oh boy.
If people weren’t so busy running out of theatre into traffic, there may have been a public hanging.
Then, I can’t believe some of the sheople  who allowed themselves to be quoted in newspapers afterwards!
Like  Linda Fugate, 47, who left the theatre and walked up the street yelling, “I want my money back!”.  Fugate said, “ I was hoping for something (what a discerning critic.) But she added,  ‘I didn’t think it would be this bad. ‘
Or how about 34 year old Rodney Gagnon of Windsor who said I expected him to at least entertain a little bit. It was just a bunch of ranting. ( ‘ a little bit’- no wonder Sheen couldn’t live up to such high standards)
There was Toronto-area resident Ronnie Prentice, 37, who said, “It’s kind of like a NASCAR race. You’re just tuning in because you’re just waiting for the accident to happen,”  ( yeah, JUST like NASCAR…without the explosion, flames, and ambulance but just like NASCAR)
Geoff Rezek, 69, a computer consultant from Darien, Conn., flew in for the show. Rezek said Sheen’s concert  was going to be “history in the making.”         ( Flew in?? This guy makes the NASCAR guy seem like a friggin physicist.)
But the best quote had to be a quote from Bob Orlowski, a 46-year-old lawyer from Plymouth  who has a SUITE at the theatre (yeah, don’t do business with this guy)  Orlowski said he brought six clients to Saturday’s performance (how embarrassing), thinking it would be an event, but instead witnessed a “train wreck.”  (Hey,that’s an insult to train wrecks)
One of Orlowski’s clients had the best line, I think. He said Sheen’s performance replaced a Milli Vanilli concert as the worst show he’d ever seen.
“Now he feels good about Milli Vanilli,” Orlowski said.
hahaha. Love it.