Sometimes, you just can’t get enough of Nutella. How could something that tastes so good        be so bad?
First of all, it’s the best label around. Nutella . There it is. A picture of a slice of white bread thickly slathered with chocolate.
Then there is the description underneath,” Hazelnut Spread With Skim Milk and Cocoa”
It’s almost too much to take.
Filled with guilt, you look at the label. “It must be packed with calories.” But not really. One tablespoon of Nutella only has 100 calories. You could burn that off just opening the fridge. Finally, there is the Nutella website. Yes, did you know Nutella has a website? It’s my new screensaver.  There is a god. It’s filled with Nutella recipes.  For example, try my favorite,  the Nutella Super Smoothie. It’s like mixing lollipops and sunshine in a blender.
Nutella Super Smoothie
-Half a cup of Nutella ( YUM!)
-one pint low-fat vanilla yogurt
-one pint mixed fruit, frozen
-1 large banana cut into 1- inch pieces
– 1 bottle of vodka
Delicious. Btw,You can find me on the Food Network Thursday nights 8-9 pm E.S.T on my new show, What’s in My Blender?