Is there anybody with a small house?

Okay,so apparently, here is the prerequisite if you are going to one of the ‘final four’ on Bachelor or Bachelorette– you have to have a huge honking home. No- you have to a have a mansion.  God forbid, you live in a semi-detached or horror of horrors- you’re renting. Duh duh duh.

Constantine- My Big Fat Greek stereotype in Atlanta Georgia

Okay, let’s not stereotype TOO MUCH. Constantine is Greek ( really??) I  would have never guessed that from the show. The doorbell rings at his parents’ house BING BONG and 8000 people pour in ( because of course, every Greek family has 8000 relatives).
Then immediately, someone says ‘ Let’s dance!’ OF COURSE, that’s what all Greek people do when they get together!

Ames is waaay  too good for Ashley

Next home town date was with Ames in his small countryside Pensylvannia town. Can you say LOADED?
Now, I have to admit,  I did initially write Ames off  because he was a bit quirky and he used way too many Crest White Strips but what Ames lacks in conventional looks, he more than makes up for in brains and personality.

Ben-Pass the wine….

The hometown visit to Ben’s winery in Sonoma, California was beautiful.  Wow, talk about pressure though- Ben has only taken one woman home before. Ashley is number two. Can you say pass that vat of wine? As it turns out, Ben’s sister is the one who submitted Ben’s name to the show. Immediately she corners The Bachelorette as if to say, ‘If my brother is left heartbroken for the rest of his life, this is all  my fault.
Luckily, there are obvious sparks between Ashely and Ben.

JP-Roller skating?? Really??

Ashley’s final hometown date ends in Long Island where she hooks up with JP. JP quickly reveals that he couldn’t sleep all night. Of course not. Why would he? He’s possessive as hell. This guy makes Mark Anthony look like a walk in the park.Then strike number two- JP takes Ashley to a roller rink. Ick. Nothing says I love you like a broken tail bone.Then strike number three- wine in a paper cup. Um, did JP not see Ashley’s date on the wine estate??? At least, step it up to a single malt scotch or something JP!

Poor Ames..he was waaayy to good for Ashley. Destroyed!

This rose ceremony was particularly brutal. Ames may be smart but wow, he really fell for Ashley and when she didn’t pick him, he looked like he was in complete and utter shock.  Grief councillors should  have been standing by. Poor Ames. Ashley might as well have clubbed a baby seal on national tv.

By the way, that was really nice of Ashley to shake Ames’ hand before she gave him the punt. Here is a guy who comes from a ton of money, probably makes a ton of money, has impeccable manners and yet, The Bachelorette wardrobe department can’t spare the guy some dignity and give him a suit that fits properly. Just when you had one shred of confidence left, some hack camera team shoots you from behind and shows your jacket pinned back!

Who will The Bachelorette pick?

Not really sure what is going to happen in Fiji but if Ashley doesn’t listen to her sister ( aka Amy Winehouse) there could be some serious trouble.