Can I just say that it’s hard to take this episode seriously in South Africa when the Bachelor is wearing Tevas!!

Robert Redford would never be caught dead In or Out of Africa with Tevas! Tevas and shorts, no less! Brad, man up. This is a safari in South Africa, not a beach volleyball tournament in Santa Monica.
On another note, It’s very SCARY how sincere and honest Brad can sound when he is claiming undying love to each and every girl…Chantal, Emily and then Ashley. However, as in Ashley’s case, once Brad decided that he just wasn’t into her, he dropped her like a hot potato. Poor Ashley! The humiliation was proceeded by possibly the most awkward kiss since Michael Jackson puckered up with Lisa Marie on national tv.
I think dentist-to-be Ashley would have rather given herself a root canal than deal with the pain of that brutal, cold, ruthless dumping. Brad has the sensitivity of a pack of hyenas.
At least, Ashley seemed to be picking up on lack of a love connection earlier on in the show. Brad had noooo intention of moving to Maine ( as tempting as the poutine serving restaurant may have been) Ashley is dead set on her career. Who can blame her? She’s young, smart and ambitious. But it also begs the question, why the hell then, did she go on the show in the first place? Especially, when she’s pursuing a guy who has major commitment issues. ‘Hey Ashley! Look at that leopard over there. He’s not going to change his spots for you.’
The prey I now feel sorry for is Chantal. She’s young, naïve and head over heels in love with Brad. She does not see this nightmare unfolding. Brad is clearly in love with Emily and Chantal is going to feel like a big sister chaperoning the next date. Oh well, maybe she can babysit young Ricky Bobby when mommy and daddy go on their next date?