Bachelor Brad  is sooo insincere ( or extreme botox injections are preventing him from registering any true emotions) . He says ‘so’ before everything!
Really , it should be a drinking game at this point.  Every time Brad says,“I’m so excited “or “I’m so happy”,
By the way, Pyscho Michelle’s drinking line should be “ I’m so jealous.”
Having said that,  if it wasn’t for the hair dresser psycho who is in love with herself and moving in for the kill- the show would be a total dud.
Tacky ( even by Bachelor standards) that there was a group date at the race track where Emily’s boyfriend got in a car accident. How old are the creators of the show- twelve?
How mean was it when they played Elvis’ Are You Lonesome tonight “ during Ashley’s departure in the limo?
Yes, I’m still watching so what am I complaining about?
 My prediction for the final two- The Mortician with a Heart of Gold and Dead Boyfriend Emily.