Okay, how boring is the Bachelor this season? Either Brad is a psychotic killer or he has been botoxed to death and lacks any expression in his face. Either way, the girls should run to the hills. Michelle ( I’m too beautiful to be spoken to) is a high maintenance freak. If only she had used her looks for good. Chantel said it right..if Brad is attracted to someone like Michelle, he’s the wrong guy for her.

The producers of The Bach are stooping to new low levels, as well. Is there anyone on the show who isn’t suffering from ‘daddy didn’t love me enough’ syndrome? Ackk.

And that useless slithery psycho-babble tell me how you’re really feeling but I’m not really qualified to do anything that mirror back exactly what you’re saying to kill show time. Paaaaainful. Okay, next week, they’re at a racetrack. Wasn’t Emily’s dead boyfriend a racecar driver? Nice. Really nice.
Yes, I’m still watching the show but does it have to be so bad??