So tonight is the big showdown. Who will Cyborg- Himbo Brad Womack pick?
He’s-just-not- that – into-you Chantal ( poor thing, has no idea what is coming)
Or Emily and her lovely daughter Ricky-Bobby from Taladega Nights?
If Brad chooses Chantal, I will eat my entire bag of Cosco- sized potato chips ( I know, I said I’d give them up for Lent but I CAN’T)

Btw- on a completely unrelated note, my new fave guilty pleasure tv show??? Drum roll please…Supersize vs Superskinny. A night of Hoarders/ Biggest Losers/ Intervention/ Supersize vs Superskinny is a like a night at the frickin Oscars.
The Bachelor’s The Women Tell All re-cap was hilarious last week.
Pooooor Pyscho Michelle. How chivalrous did host did Chris Harrison appear as he jumped to her defense when that pack of hounds threatened to tear the poor little bunny apart? It’s the most emotion Chris has ever displayed. Although, compared to Brad, Chris seems like Marlon Brando.
Michelle/ Don Rickles said her sense of humor was clearly, ‘misunderstood’.
Once again, the hounds pounced.
Harrison again, jumped into action with a well placed, “ Really?”
Hey, no offense to Chris. It’s hard to show your acting chops with lines like, “ Ladies, this IS the final rose.” Followed by the equally compelling, “Ladies, that WAS the final rose. Get your stuff. Get out now! NOW!”
( Okay, maybe I embellished that last part a wee bit.)
Chantal vs Emily. Ladies, start your engines.
Folks, get the red wine and dill pickle chips and follow me on Facebook and Twitter.
It’s going to be a loooong night.