This year’s Oscars were just fine. I thought it was going to be boring because we pretty well knew who was going to win what but I liked co-hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco. It was refreshing to see new Hollywood entertaining and RESPECTING old Hollywood ( Hey, Ricky Gervais, maybe you could take a lesson or two?).
I was getting tired anyway of Billy Crystal posing after every punch line in previous years.
Yes, Hathaway and Franco weren’t yucking it up every two seconds but it made the show go by seamlessly.
Some of my favorite moments.

The opening was awesome with Hathaway and Franco dubbed into scenes from Inception, King’s Speech, The Fighter and my favorite, Swan Lake…haha. Very funny.
Another fave moment- When Melissa Leo dropped the F bomb during her Best Supporting Actress acceptance speech. She didn’t really seem that sorry- considering she was at the Oscars with oh –a billion people watching. Tough broad.
Also, it was a very touching acceptance speech from David Seidler who won for best original screenplay for King’s Speech.
Seidler was a stutterer. He believes he became a stutterer during the Second World War after witnessing many atrocities, including the loss of his grand parents to the Holocaust. He remembered as a child listening to the King Georg VI ( Queen Liz’s father) on the radio stutter through his speeches as he tried to rally his nation from impending doom. He approached the Queen mum and she said yes, he could write the screenplay, but only after she passed. ( Sadly, King George VI died at 56. He was a heavy smoker. Remember all the times in the movie his therapist told him not to smoke!)
Seidler still had to wait a very long time before he could go public with his script. His Oscar acceptance speech was beautiful and eloquent and living proof that good things come to those who wait.
By the way, in case, you’re the Unibomber and didn’t hear who the main winners were-here you go
Best Actor Colin Firth – King’s Speech
Best Actress Natalie Portman- Black Swan
Best Supporting Actor Christian Bale – The Fighter ( I thought he was American. Am I out of it?)
Best Supporting Actress Melissa Leo
Best Director – Tom Hooper King’s Speech
Best Picture – The King’s Speech
Oh ya, was I the only one shocked that Wolfman won Best Make-up over Barney’s Version???? Barney was robbed.
The 83rd Annual Academy Awards were perhaps not the BEST ever but in my opinion, they were not the worst. At the very least, they were classy ( okay, except for Leo’s F bomb) You can never err on the side of classy.