I first heard Judy Croon speak at a gathering for Project Management Professionals (PMP). As a member of the listening audience I thoroughly enjoyed how she was able to keep her audience attention as well as having them leave with some techniques that one could use in an office environment.

As the Director of Professional Development, for the PMI Lakeshore Chapter, I was excited and please to announce to our membership that Judy would be our speaker during the Saturday Speaker Event (Sept 29, 2012). Her topic “Taming Office Hecklers” was presented to an audience of over 150 PMPs. As a professional speaker and stand up comedian, Judy gave all of us a chance to laugh and learn just how to handle stress in our working environment. Members also had time to interact, during the exercises, and to have an open forum surrounding some of our experiences during the 1/2 day session.

Judy you were just what we needed. Thank you for the laughter, the learning and insight into Taming Office Hecklers!

Richard Steer, PMP, Director of Professional Development, PMI Lakeshore Chapter