Halyna ~ former student

Thank you Judy for your excellent coaching today at MoMondays Academy- your knowledge and techniques are #supervaluable!! You are the #master.

Jame ~ Former Student

BIG THANKS, Judy. Your class at the MOSPEAKER academy was simply awesome! Thanks for such a great education!!

Gina ~ Former Student

Judy, thank you for your invaluable ideas/exercises and wisdom! I could have spent the whole day with you! Can’t wait to read your book. Thank you for your confidence boost and inspiration!

Max ~ Former-Student

There are two kinds of instructors in my opinion: instructors who believe that their own ways and style are the only path to getting better, and instructors who have the grace and open-mindedness to allow students to explore their own unique voice while keeping them on the right track to getting better. Judy definitely belongs to the latter group, and having never done stand-up before, I couldn’t have asked for a more knowledgeable and fun instructor. Her genuine love for the art is a source of inspiration in every class.

Shaun – Former Student

Thank you for being an amazing instructor. With your tools, feedback and guidance I now feel like I can take my five-minute routine and start performing regularly.