Did you know that it takes the average worker, who is being bullied, one and a half years to complain to upper management? Do you think when you finally decide to go to your boss or HR dept, you can remember everything that happened in 18 months.
That’s why I always tell my clients if you’re being bullied, set up a private meeting with the bully. Before you go into that meeting, make sure you have your ducks lined up in a row – know exactly what you are going to say. More importantly, after your meeting, make sure you write everything down.
Set up a meeting and writing down the minutes afterwards accomplishes two things:
-it arms you with dates, facts and figures that you can go to your HR dept or boss with
-It shows your HR dept or boss that   that you took initiative in trying to resolve the issue yourself on a number of occasions.
As actress Katherine Hepburn once said, ” Drive on, we’ll sweep up the blood later.”
Drive on. Write it down.
Until next time folks, laugh long and prosper!
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