The top ten smartest animals and how I got heckled at a conference!

Over the weekend I presented my workshop,’ Taming Office Hecklers- Dealing with Difficult Personalities’ at the District 60 Toastmaster’s Spring Conference here in Toronto. Thanks to all the volunteers and folks who attended.
I perhaps was heckled (  I know, at a conference!) with the most bizarre line.
“You’re wrong, Judy! The octopus is smarter than the chimpanzee.”
Ironically, I was talking about the Office ‘ Expert’ – The Cliff Claven Water Cooler Windbag. So I did, what I would do with a Cliff Claven. I smiled nicely and said that I would be happy to review any documents supporting that fact. I’m still waiting 🙂
Of course, this was all in good fun but I still couldn’t get the comment out of my head. So I did some research.
Here you have it….The Top Ten Smartest Animals

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