Bachelorette finale-Major technical gaff PLUS the poor guy did dog noises and he still got booted!

Wow did the finale of the Bachelorette give it away! There was a woman sitting in the plane with JP ( not really sure who she was. His girlfriend?  Just kidding. Perhaps she was a make-up artist who had to head over to island to touch up the participants??) But when the first plane came in and we didn’t see the mystery woman- we knew it was Ben’s plane. At that point, I needed a sick bag because I felt awful for Ben.

FIJI is for fakers and Chris Harrison should be in the witness protection program

Fiji is for fakers

Really, Constantine? You’re only figuring it out now that you don’t really have deeper feelings for The Bachelorette and you are doing the noble thing and leaving before you get too involved??? Do you think you could have reached this conclusion before Fiji? Before Thailand? Before Hong Kong? But I don’t blame you, my friend. Ashley has the worst choice in men ( ie Bentley). You found her mildly attractive so of course, in Ashley world, that means mariage material!!

Ryan – do you have any dignity, dude???


The Bachelorette- 5 reasons this episode jumped the shark

1.Ashley is beyond wishy washy. Therefore, we don’t root for her.

2.Bentley is a sociopath and/or high
Ashley has the line of the evening
(Of course, this AFTER the piano crashes on her head)

3.Ashley/ Bentley conversation REALLY deep.

Bentley, “ What happened to your arms?”

Ashley, “I went to Thailand and all I got were these nasty insect bites”…the DALAI LAMA would be so proud

4 Ashley ticks off the remaining suitors and can’t understand why.

Ashley: “The guy that I couldn’t get over came back and dumped me. I now have a free conscience to look for #2. Who’s game???”

5. BIG LEAD-BALLOON-O-RAMA Bentley REVEAL. Producers teased this so much and it was really bad. No REALLY bad

Cro-magnum PI Bentley, ” Um…um, Me want to pat your leg, duh, uh…”


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