Golden Globes -Golden Moments from some of the Most Unlikely People

At the 69th Annual Golden Globes last night, some of  the best Globe moments for me..and I’m paraphrasing.. came from the most unlikely people- Madonna and Dustin Hoffman!  Whether Madonna’s response to Ricky making fun about still singing, ‘Like a Virgin’ was planned or not- she delivered it with lots of New York attitude,
“If I’m still a virgin, why don’t you come over here and do something about it.
I haven’t kissed a girl in years..on tv.” SNAP
( Madge looked great, by the way. I personally would have covered up the Cobras but she’s had just the right amount of face work to look amazing.)
Another unlikely source for zingers- Dustin Hoffman???

Golden Globes- Oh the Humanity

Holy crap, Ricky Gervais..what were you thinking? Definitely, some ego-filled stars deserved to be take down a couple of notches in Tinseltown but even by backstabbing Hollywood standards, that was just plain mean. Here’s a question to the victims to had to walk on stage after one of Gervais’ painful intros, “People, can’t somebody write a decent comeback if they know they are coming on stage???” Best comebacks came from Tom Hanks, Robert Downey Jr and Steve Carrell. Everyone else stared in shock and awe.. I blame the directors of the awards show though. Why not give Gervais the hook after it was obvious he was DYING and taking the ship down with him?

What star can’t jump in and read a teleprompter??? Maybe that’s asking too much…Arrrrgggh, painful.

Great review in LA. Times

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