Prince William and Kate Middleton were officially married yesterday at West Minster Abbey but if I had one complaint about the service, it was the music. Some of the hymns were extremely sleepy at times and quite frankly, cast a bit of a Harry Potter vibe on the whole ceremony. Perhaps whoever organized the music should have thought of asking some of William’s fellow students at St. Andrew’s. An a capella group by the name of The Other Guys dedicated a longing parody video to Kate Middleton to the tune of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance and the video is going viral on You Tube. Check it out. It’s five minutes long but these guys can really sing. It’s brilliant marketing for their group AND there is a very sweet dedication at the end.
According to their facebook page, The Other Guys was founded in 2004 and has recorded both live and studio albums. The Other Guys have suddenly been cast into the spotlight with this hit. They say they promise to give most of the proceeds raised to William and Kate’s charitable gift fund. Very cool, guys! Thanks to my friend, Dianne Lemme for passing this on.