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One of the ingredients from my keynote, ‘Relieving Stress with Humour’ is healthy mental activity. Reading is a great way to exercise our brain. May I present a true classic for this month’s 1 minute shelf help – ‘Younger Next Year’ by Crowley and Lodge.

I have featured this book before but this time I wanted to address why socializing (and therefore, laughter) is so healthy for our brain.

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It was wonderful sharing my keynotes and comedy and lowering overall stress levels for  many meaningful groups recently including the Canadian Payroll Association Toronto conference.




Stand Up To Stress with my new Second City stand up comedy students!




How you can help Toronto’s homeless every Monday night. Can you volunteer? Do you have clothes that can can be picked up? Would you like to make a donation. Contact Alex 416 -834-7736.
Please listen here how you can help the homeless in Toronto.




‘I believe the greatest privilege in this world is to use your freedom of speech for those who have no voice.’ – Ricky Gervais


There are two fantastic animal groups in Ontario who are always looking for drivers.


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