Judy leaves no comic behind!

Judy’s private coaching sessions will show you:

  • How ANYBODY can write comedy
  • How to stop putting if off and start writing NOW with EASY exercises
  • How to save massive amounts of time and identify three common mistakes new comedians make 
  • How to figure out what your ‘hook’ is
  • How comedy is NOT just for stand-ups! Comedy is a great way to get your message to stand out and be retained.
Private Coaching Lessons

Virtual Private Coaching

(phone/ facetime/skype)

1 sesson   75.00/hour + HST

4 sessions 250.00 + HST

8 sessions 450.00 + HST

In Person Private Coaching

Judy coaches one on one in person (Toronto based)

1 Session 125.00/hour + travel + HST

4 Sessions 450.00 +travel + HST

8 Sessions 850.00 + travel + HST