Happiness is a simple thing: you are happy when you are not trying to be happy.
-Zen saying

Hi Friends,


Yes, it’s a drag that summer is over (boo) but what better way to get Fall started than with a good laugh! I’m looking to forward to so many keynotes, gigs and workshops this month.Unfortunately, I don’t get to work with my friends enough. That’s why Thursday Sept 10th is especially exciting! I will be working with fellow speakers and comedians; Susan Stewart, Meg Soper and Kate Davis. Come join us at Hugh’s Room. For tickets, click here 


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Relieving Stress with Mindfulness – How to shut down 60,000 thoughts a day!



I chat with Sharon Babineau – Mom,speaker, fundraiser, author and life coach.
Did you know that your mind has 60,000 -70,000 thoughts per day?
Did you know that those 60,000-70,000 thoughts are almost the same everyday? It’s like Groundhog Day! How do we break the cycle? Sharon tells us how.
Sharon also about the Negativity Bias- how it takes five times as many positive thoughts to cancel out a negative thought.
Sharon tells us how practicing mindfulness can help us get our thoughts back on track.
For more information, go to www.MindfulSolutionsForChange.com


As I mention in my keynote, ‘Relieving Stress with Humour’,  helping others is an amazing way to relieve stress. As some of you know, I am a huge animal lover. That’s why I started Dogstarz.ca  I wanted to help get the word out about various organizations that needed a ‘paw’ up. Here is a worthwhile event coming up if you live in the Toronto area.


Saturday Sept 26th 2015 at QEW Gardens. These volunteers are  amazing and every penny raised goes towards fighting canine cancer ( which effects 1 in 4 doggies).
See you there! For more information, go to http://www.smilingblueskies.com