Dog left in a trunk???
This week, I spoke to a woman who said she saw someone putting  a dog into their trunk! WTF??? I asked her what she did and she said nothing. Folks, next time you see someone putting a DOG IN A TRUNK, at the very least, take the license plate number and CALL police.

Kid left in a van???
There was a story on the news, recently, about a dad who left his two-year old in the van while he went sightseeing down by Toronto’s Lakeshore. Luckily, some people walked by, saw the kid and called 911.
Dog left in van???
This week, two people left their dog in a van at Loblaws. Someone saw the dog in distress and called 911. The dog was rescued but not before he escaped and ran into traffic on the Lakeshore. Emergency crews were able to grab the dog and tun him over to the Humane Society. The owners returned to their van ( something like three hours later).
It was disheartening, however,  to see the owners picking up their dog from the Humane Society. Who will be there the next time they leave they leave him in the car?
Sadly, there will always be brainless people walking around like zombies.  It’s no use wasting money trying to educate them. They are the minority. How much money would it take to educate someone who would think nothing of leaving a kid or a pet in a car?
Educate the majority
So what is the answer?  Educate the majority. Educate the other 99 percent of the population that is smarter than a vegetable crisper. I personally, will try to be more vigilante when walking by other people’s cars in the summer.  Hell, sometimes, I break windows just for the heck of it. JUST kidding. If you see something and you don’t want to break a window,  call police or tell someone around you. There’s always  a Clint Eastwood in every crowd and at the very least, almost everyone has a cellphone.
Paul Blart
Let’s also start by educating mall security. That story about a puppy dying in a truck at Vaughan Mills Mall was even more disturbing when it was reported that Mall Cop tried to pour water into the truck to help the puppy. Uhmm, okay. This goes without saying but if a child or animal is in distress in a car, mall security should be trained to break the window! I’m sure, most would but set it up in a training program.
Charges/ fines
As far as the zombies go, they should be charged. Leaving a kid in a car during the summer…I don’t even know to say to that. That’s like attempted murder. Leaving a pet in a car during the summer  (also, attempted murder IMHO) should be a ridiculous fine like 6000 dollars and your pet should be taken away for good. It’s sad when Buddy or Teddy  is better off at the Humane Society.
Yes, as a normal neuron firing contributing  part of society, you should not be expected to look after other people’s property  but do it for the victims, don’t do it for the zombies.