I don’t know how I’m going to feel next week but I’m I know right now I really don’t feel like watching American Idol anymore. Americans should not be be allowed to vote.
They have destroyed this competition.

As opposed to watching 8 weeks of a great competition, now it seems like there are 8 loooong weeks ahead.
Bottom three last night Jacob Lusk ( I could have accepted it if he went home),  Stephano  (he DESERVED to go) and Pia. I laughed. Certainly, they wouldn’t vote PIA off. I joked yesterday what if Pia sang an upbeat song and she got voted off. I was KIDDING. But THAT’S exactly what happened. The judges pushed Pia into singing  River Deep Mountain High ( she probably was going to sing I Will Always Love You!) and they can share the blame for  this fiasco along with Gwen Stefani and her crazy Jersey Shore/ Rockahillbilly wardrobe. I mistakenly blamed the American Idol wardrobe department for Pia’s clothing malfunction.
What a disaster! Ryan and the judges were visibly shocked.  Jennifer cried. Steven said he was upset with the audience.
American Idol should do what they do on So You Think You Can Dance- let the audience pick the bottom three and bit let the judges pick who goes home out of those bottom three.
I don’t know what was more upsetting. Pia getting turfed or watching shirtless (???) Iguana Pop run out of gas singing Wild One. The disdain on J.Lo’s face was hilarious ( please don’t come any closer..please don’t come any closer)
The only good news, Pia doesn’t need this show. Hey, Jennifer Hudson went home early and she’s just fine. Pia will be a star no matter what. I think however, to pacify SANE American Idol fans, they should have Pia on every week as a guest singer..haha.