So Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu said that he would have deployed more officers to the city’s downtown core had he known  the scale of violence that erupted after the Canucks loss to Boston in Game 7 last night. Duh. Isn’t that like saying, ‘Well, we thought Vancouver was going to win.”?
To which some might respond, “ Um, did you see games 3, 4 and 6?”
Not entirely shocking. Let’s just say, Officer Chu, that even if you THOUGHT Vancouver was going to win and you didn’t have enough police officers at the beginning of the game… don’t you think you might have started getting on the horn and calling for back up after Boston’s first period goal, JUST in case?
Last night’s rioting was disgusting.  It was sad and bizarre to watch people in Canucks jerseys smashing windows and looting stores. ‘Hey look, it’s Ryan Kesler breaking a Shoppers Drug Mart Window. Isn’t that Henrik Sedin stealing a mannequin?  Even Trevor Linden is back and he’s setting a car on fire.”
Just in case, you mistakenly thought that was Trevor Linden, not to worry, his imposter just stood and posed for photographers! Wow, the lack of accountability was staggering.
But as a good Canadian, I’m here to do my part as I recognize some of the looters as my Facebook friends and will be reporting to them to authorities.
Vancouver lost but there should be no more excuses at this point. Yes, I’m sad but congratulations to Boston and especially, Tim Thomas for putting on a tremendous show. At times, Boston may not have had the best players but they had the best TEAM –this year anyway.
Hats off to Vancouver fans who stayed at Rogers Arena and let Boston have their moment. And if it’s still painful to think of the loss, just imagine that moment when Chara was  lifting the Stanley Cup over his head. Now imagine Gary Bettman still holding on to the other end of the Cup screaming, “Put me down.”