As I mention in my keynote and workshop ‘Relieving stress with Humour’ pets are a great way to relieve stress .  They make us laugh, they are there for us when we have our ugly cries (not that that’s ever happened to me) and they have our backs no matter what.

Recently, I’ve created a pet project (no pun intended) called ‘Dogstar’.
Dogstar is a nonprofit online program that brings awareness to pets who need forever homes.
Dogstar is an entertaining way of giving exposure to animals in shelters. 
A lot of people turn away from shelter stories because they’re sad. 
I thought I could use humour to deliver an important message so people wouldn’t turn away.


Check out the video yourself. It’s made a lot of people chuckle so far.
Watch the Video


When visiting the animal shelters in Toronto, what I noticed about dogs in particular, is that despite being abandoned or abused -they’re happy! Really! 


What is their secret and how can I buy that???
I’m not a ‘dog whisperer’ but when it comes to living a stress free life,  I think I’ve cracked the DogVinci Code (sorry).
Here are some lessons I’ve learned from my furry friends in the clink. (Drumroll please.)


1. Be a good listener 
2. Forgive easily
3. Love easily
4. Live in the moment
5. Do tricks for treats. Okay that could be taken the wrong way. Let me clarify.
    Rewards encourage learning.


If you’re a pet lover, please tell your friends about Dogstar. 
You could be the link to a furry friend’s forever home.
If you’re interested in sponsorship, please drop me a line.