We are disturbed not by what happens to us, but by our thoughts about what happens to us.’


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Relieving Stress with Mindfulness – Could you be silent for three days???



The Springwater Center For Meditative Inquiry


I had the pleasure of speaking with Mindfulness Coach, Cara Southwood (zenlife285@gmail.com).
Cara recently took part 3 days of silent meditation at www.springwatercenter.org in Springwater, NY. She said the results were incredible.
You’ve heard me chat before with Cara. Cara was invited to Harvard to take the Koru Mindfulness program with colleagues from around the world. They were invited to see the science that Harvard has just released showing the positive results that meditation has on the brain.



Relieving Stress with Humour
Taming Hecklers (Dealing with Difficult People)

Stand Up to Stress



It was wonderful sharing my stress busting keynotes and workshops this past month. I had a blast. Thank you to all the staff members who worked behind the scenes to make all of these engagements happen.


Enbridge Gas Distribution


Early Childhood Resource Teacher Network of Ontario 


City of Toronto




Thank you NACDA for asking me to host your national awards gala in Banff. You were a terrific crowd at a stunning venue-The Rimrock Resort Hotel. How beautiful is Canada?? Don’t ever take it for granted!


Thank you Susan Stewart for inviting me to take part in your fantastic comedy extravaganza called, ‘You Can’t be Serious’.  It was terrific working with you, Meg Soper and Kate Davis on stage. Thank you Yvonne Sinniah for being the grease behind the machine!




‘I believe the greatest privilege in this world is to use your freedom of speech for those who have no voice.’ Ricky Gervais



As I mention in ‘Relieving Stress with Humour’, animals are an amazing way to relieve stress. They are always there for us.
This was one of the reasons that I created Dogstarz.


Congrats to the 4th Annual Smiling Blue Skies Walk to End Canine Cancer -Toronto. You raised over $27,000 to help fight canine cancer. Dogstarz was proud to take part in the walk. 


 If you would still like to make a donation to fight canine cancer, please click here


By the way, here is one of the best doggie stories that I have heard this month.