What we think, we become.’
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One of the ingredients from my keynote, ‘Relieving Stress with Humour’ is healthy mental activity. Check out this month’s 1 Minute (or thereabouts haha) Shelf Help Video:


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This month’s One Minute Shelf Help Pick is The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey.


According to research, the average employee checks their email once every 15 minutes.


That adds up to 32 times a day in an 8-hour workday.


Attention researcher Gloria Mark says it takes us twenty-five minutes to return to our initial task once we get distracted!


All these distractions add up to 650 billion dollars worth of lost American productivity every year, according to Basex Research.


Get off your phone- live your life- unless, of course, you’re using it to watch my video. 


Check out the Productivity Project by Chris Bailey. For all my Monthly Shelf Help Picks, go to JudyCroon.com.




It was wonderful sharing my keynotes and lowering overall stress levels for  many meaningful groups recently including:


Ontario Municipal Social Services Association


New Brunswick Association of Respiratory Therapists


Concert Properties Health & Safety Conference




Glenvale Players Theatre Group


Irish Club of Mississauga Comedy Night Fundraiser




As I mention in my keynote, ‘Relieving Stress with Humour’ one of my ingredients includes faith – the big picture. Why and who are we here for? Anytime, we can help, reach out, make laugh or just listen – we’ve maybe made life a little easier for someone or something.


How you can help Toronto’s homeless every Monday night. Can you volunteer? Do you have clothes that can be picked up? Would you like to make a donation? Contact Alex 416 -834-7736.
Please listen here how you can help the homeless in Toronto.