Ever wonder what ever happened to  ‘The One’ that got away?

Ever wondered about that old boyfriend or girlfriend from high school or college?You broke up, but you never stopped thinking of them. You’re not alone. In a recent study, published in the journal, Social Psychological & Personality Science, romantic relationships are the number one regret amongst American adults (followed by family regrets, career, education, finances and parenting). I find it interesting that more people have regrets over their pocketbooks than their kids. Nice. But I digress.

That why my friend and I, Bruce Robb co-created and wrote My Soulmate – a reality tv show currently in development. The stories of lost love that we have collected over a short amount of time are incredible. My doctor had to put me on Paxil after just reading them. We asked this very basic question.
Here’s the premise
Have you ever wondered whatever happened to ‘The One’ that got away? Do you think about that special someone who was the right person at the wrong time? Do you wonder what might happen if you were to meet again?
My Soul Mate is a weekly thirty- minute series that takes a look at couples who were destined to be together, despite the odds. Couples who were together at one time, but split because of circumstances such as family, religion, age, addictions, career, war, etc.  Years later, they have found each other again, and the results are surprising!
Every week, My Soul Mate follows the astonishing journey of a brave explorer searching for that one true love that got away. Viewers will experience the thrilling quests- from the first re-connecting phone calls to the nerve-wracking hopeful reunions. Will there be a happily-ever-after, the second time around?

If you haven’t a had chance, check out the stories of pain and loss and personal vendettas ( JUST kidding) on our f- book page. The blogging police won’t let me give you the link but it rhymes with Macebook and all you have to do search My Soulmate – Reality TV show.
Right now, we’re soliciting for stories and videos from folks who are looking for ‘The One’. Are you looking for The One that got away? Would you be willing to take your quest on tv?
I’m posting a few stories here from people who are still searching.  I’ll warn you though, some of these stories are saaad. So sad in fact, grief councilors are standing by for when you read them.
For example, check out this story from ‘Janis’ in Montreal.
I walked into a night club here in Montreal years ago where I met ‘David’.  There he was.  He was tall, dark, handsome, charming and he had a killer British accent. He had a bevy of women around him as he was engaging them with a story. I wasn’t about to be just be another pretty face in the crowd so I ignored him. About an hour later, as I was making my way to the washroom, I heard this deep voice behind me. He said, “If you never speak to me again, at least, let me buy you one drink.”
That one drink turned to two, then three, etc. We had a terrific time. His friend, ‘Jim’ got along great with my girlfriend and the four of us talked, laughed and danced all night. David was the perfect gentleman.
Unfortunately, David was only visiting Montreal and he was going back to England in a week and a half.
David and I saw each other every night over those next ten days. His lovemaking was passionate, hungry and fulfilling in every way.  He told me that he loved me and begged me to come visit him in England. A couple of months later, I went to England and our romance blossomed. For the next six months, David and I took turns flying back and forth to be with one another. At Christmastime, he introduced me to his family. His sister took me aside at one point and told me that I was the first person that David brought home since his divorce three years ago. She could see that he was in love again.
A couple days after New Year’s Eve, it was another tearful goodbye at Heathrow Airport but we vowed that we would figure out how to make our long distance relationship more permanent in the new year. Neither of us could stand being away from each other- or so I thought.
That night, upon arriving in Montreal, I called David and left a message. He didn’t call me back. In fact, in the past two years, he’s never called me back. I was crushed. How could I be so wrong about somebody? I can only surmise that David got “cold feet” and instead of doing the honorable thing and telling me, he chose to cut me out of his life entirely.
Ouch, that’s a painful story. Let me take my Paxil with a sip of red wine. There, that’’ much better. Okay, moving on. I’d like to call this one, ‘Hey, guys hurt too.’
This one comes from ‘Tony’ in Calgary
G and I met at a friend’s cocktail party two years ago. She was everything I was looking for in a woman. Caring, smart, funny, easy to talk to, etc. She was quirky but then, so was I. We dated for about six months. Unfortunately, G’s parents didn’t approve of me because, quite honestly, I don’t make enough money. You wouldn’t think that would matter. She is totally controlled by them. G eventually caved into the pressure and we broke up. That was a year ago and she’s moved on. She is now dating a guy who her parents completely adore because he’s got his own business and he’s loaded. Even though it pains me (and my friends think I’m crazy) we still talk almost every day on the phone. We’ve even met for lunch a couple times. I know she loves me but she will never allow herself to stand up to her parents. I keep holding out that things will change.

The poor thing. You want to say, “Tony. Fughetaboutit.”
So there you have it. Two short stories. If you would like to add your war torn heart to the pile, just check out our Macebook page ( My Soulmate – Reality tv show)
One last note, according to the study, over twice as many women compared to men felt regret over a failed relationship. Those numbers coincide with the people we spoke to, as well.
We definitely had more women than men lamenting about what could have been. According the study, the number one regret for men was career, not relationships. Guys are sadder when their jobs break up with them, when their jobs stop calling, when their jobs starting dating other guys. Haha. Okay, maybe that wasn’t exactly what the study said.
Stay tuned. Remember, if you are too shy to post your picture on the site, you can always send it to me here and I’ll post it anonymously for you.