Your 10 year old is getting bullied on the school bus everyday.
You eventually have had enough. You confront the bus driver and the bullies and YOU get banned from the bus, the bus stop and the school grounds? What the hell?
That’s exactly what happened to a Minneapolis mom. Her ten year old son told her that two thugs were bullying him and hitting him on the school bus everyday. One afternoon, the mom stepped onto the bus and gave the driver an earful for not doing anything. The driver told mom that he couldn’t be in 50 million places at one time. At this point, mom marched to the back of the bus, confronted the thugs and told them to keep their hands to themselves.
The school bus driver reported the incident and now the mom has been banned from the bus, the bus stop and the school grounds. She has to make a special appeal to the school if she wants to attend any functions involving her son!
As it turns out, mom’s son isn’t being bullied anymore so that’s the good news. The school should have told mom to take the matter up with them the next time instead of boarding the bus herself. But, in light of the fact, that mom didn’t go AWOL on anyone, she should have been left alone.
This could have been a wonderful opportunity for the school to show that they have zero tolerance for bullies and that they are trying to work with every party involved. Instead they chose to stick their heads in the sand.
Way to go mom.
That bus driver is just lucky it wasn’t my mom and one of her grandkids. A rock would have gone flying through that school bus window faster than you can say ‘Golden Girl Guerilla Warfare.’