Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 6.48.56 PMCheck out this terrific interview (CLICK HERE) with mentor/coach/ speaker Giovanna Capozza.
How to get ‘unstuck’! Thanks Giovanna! You were wonderful.
Giovanna is a coach, mentor, speaker, author and spiritual teacher who helps women be free to discover the truth of who they are, in all that they do, in all parts of their lives.  A proponent of the quote “when sleeping women wake, mountains move”, she believes that it is every woman’s right to live a life that fills her soul up with joy and excitement.  She empowers and facilitates transformation with women into a place of authenticity, confidence, inspiration and personal empowerment so that they can live and receive all the gifts and blessings of their lives from a place of freedom and fulfillment.  It’s about creating a totally new paradigm for living that uplifts you and supports you in every area of your life and relationships.  “Life is an adventure that can either be lived fully or watched from the sidelines.” ~ Giovanna Capozza
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