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One of the ingredients from my workshop, ‘Relieving Stress with Humour’,  is healthy mental activity.
Some of my favourite ‘shelf help’ books offer me great insight everyday.


Susan Jeffers, author of the classic ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’, says that one of the biggest mistakes we make as human beings is being afraid to MAKE mistakes.


Jeffers says we should stop living in a world of right or wrong because the world has limitless answers and possibilities for what we want to accomplish.


Jeffers provides a great example of the best baseball players who have a .4 batting average. That means they hit the ball four out of ten times. Here’s another way of looking at it- they miss six out of ten times! These are the pros!


So go ahead and don’t be afraid to strike out every now  and then.
‘Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway’, a true classic ‘shelf’ help by Susan Jeffers.


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Have a ‘spooktacular’ Halloween ( sorry, I couldn’t resist) and a fabulous November!