August Newsletter: ‘Judy’s 1 minute Shelf Help pick for August’

Hi folks,
I honestly didn’t think that this month’s  ‘1 minute Shelf Help’ pick was going to create so much controversy but it did! Whatever your beliefs are, I think it’s a thoughtful read, nonetheless. Enjoy!
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Proof Of Heaven – A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife by Eben Alexander, M.D
One of the ingredients from my workshop Relieving Stress with Humour is healthy mental activity.
Some of my favorite shelf help books offer me great insight everyday.
Like Proof Of Heaven — A neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife by Eben Alexander.
Now I’m not going to get all Jesus takes the wheel on you….
I don’t know what your personal beliefs are but this book makes a convincing case that there is an afterlife.
Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander took a 7 day journey while he was in a coma from meningitis.
Alexander had his doubts about the afterlife prior. Well not anymore.
So what’s it like?
Alexander says  the afterlife is so much more vivid that earth, the colours, the textures…
He said experiencing the afterlife as a human is like experiencing a human life as a chimpanzee  and then having to go back and tell the other chimps what life is like as a human. It’s almost as if he said he didn’t have the tools to do it.
The great big message
He said the greatest message from the afterlife is this though ….everything boils down to one big message…….love.. pure unconditional love.
Eben says the afterlife is tangible and attainable — if we just allow ourselves to believe in it.
Alexander says there are three big messages from the afterlife;
you are loved and cherished dearly forever, you have nothing to fear and there is nothing you can do wrong. Love..unconditional love…is truly the answer.
The devil made me do it
But what about evil…and the devil and fire and brimstone and all those scary thing?
Alexander yes, there is evil ..but it is so small and insignificant compared to the superpower of love.
Evil stands out like a sore thumb when it comes to the overwhelming strength of compassion and acceptance and love.
Proof of Heaven- A neurosurgeon’s journey into the afterlife by Eben Alexander is truly a great shelf help read.