logoThe Joy of Aging- Nov 10th 2013- Riviera Parque
I will be hosting this year’s gala. Dr. Marla Shapiro will be the guest speaker.
Recently, I had the pleasure of chatting with Janine Purves – co-chair of the Joy of Aging Gala 2013.
So Janine, tell me, what exactly is The Joy Of Aging?
The Joy of Aging is all about women celebrating women, aging gracefully and having fun doing it. It’s s about camaraderie, fun and supporting our local hospital & The Mackenzie Health Foundation.
What is this year’s focus and who is your main speaker?
The focus of this year’s Joy of Aging is on menopause. We are thrilled to have Dr. Marla Shapiro as our guest speaker. We’ve had lots of requests in the past for her. Every year we try to get a great speaker who can really help us – one who understands the facets of aging. Dr. Shapiro is going to be talking about menopause- behind the headline news. Hopefully, we will learn many things and have a lot of fun doing it.
Tell us about the rest of the events planned for the day?
There is a breakfast included and we try to make the event exciting. We have some activities for participants including massage therapy in exchange for a small donation. You can get your hair and make-up touched up, for again, a small donation. As a result, you will look and feel great.
There will also be a silent auction and there is also a plan to have a raffle. There will be all sorts of interesting vendors and sponsors who will specifically cater to the women who are there. There will also be all sorts of stuff to buy for a good deal.
Last year, I hear there was a big purchasing hit.
Yes, the Jeanne Lottie (www.jeannelottie.com) handbags were a big hit last year!
Anything else?
We’re also looking to have winetasting this year.
What do proceeds from The Joy of Aging go towards?
Proceeds from The Joy of Aging will go towards our local hospital. This is all about the community and local businesses getting together for the local hospital – Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital. All proceeds will go towards Mackenzie Health Foundation.
This year, we are trying to raise $50,000 to help with the purchase of an MRI scanner. We would like to get a second permanent one at the hospital.
Why are community donations so important?
York region is one of the fastest growing areas in all of North America- not just Canada. We really need extra funding because government funding doesn’t actually pay for equipment. As a result, community donations really do help to make a difference.
How much has The Joy of Aging raised in the past?
This is our fifth year. The Joy of Aging has raised about 115,000 dollars in the past four years. Every year, the event has grown. People keep coming back!
Do you still have room for last minute sponsors?
Yes, if you would like to become a sponsor for The Joy of Aging, please feel free to contact us by telephone at (905)707-5220 or email Sean for more information at sroheim@assante.com. Visit www.thejoyofaging.ca to get involved.
*Early bird tickets are $65 until Oct 1 2013