FINANCE FOR DUMMIES-I am so taking down my Alan Greenspan poster. Watch CBC’s MELTDOWN. Okay, not the sexiest thing to do on a long weekend but it does explain the sub prime crash and why it could happen again.  The former fed reserv chair is either a doddering old billy goat or the corruption on wall street goes so far up the food chain, it’s staggering.  Thank goodness my penny stocks should kick in anytime soon.
SAVED BY HIS PERVERTED WAYS ( As seen above in his favorite ‘pull my finger’ pose)Dominque Strauss Kahn’s replacement Christine Lagarde was one of the original sub prime whistleblowers. Don’t think Wall Street counted on DSK not being able to keep his stocks and bonds in his pants.Largarde seems good for the peeps.

Deregulation started by the Bush Administration ( surprise, surprise, yeehaw, the good old boys are going to do some inside trading) and former British PM Gordon  Brown ( who looks like he’s sleeping at the best of times) kicked off a free for all WASP buffet. Hell, even Iceland’s greedy PM got in on de-regulation actions so crazy, it would make a Bjork swan dress look formal.
Who do we thank for dodging this economic nightmare? Paul Martin? Finance Minister Jim Flaherty? The ghost of William Mackenzie’s mother? Thank god we didn’t jump on the coocoo for coco puffs de-regulation train. Of course, we were still hurt but it could have been a lot worse.
Move over gold. You know it’s seriously crazy times  when something called the LOONIE could be the next world currency..haha. Have a Moosehead and thank you lucky Tim Bits.
Sometimes we accuse CBC for being too safe but I applaud this unflinching documentary. It’s been around for awhile but it’s well worth watching. Check out the four part series online.
In 1950, the ratio of average executive to worker paycheck was 30:1. Since 2000- 300-500:1 I’m not kidding.