Great quote from the book’ What the Psychic told the Pilgrim’. If you have wondered about the 800 km or so pilgrimage along Spain’s infamous Camino de Satiago de Compostela, this book is fabulous. Jane Christmas is a Canadian author with a wicked sense of humour. One line however that stands out from the book is this one and it’s not so funny, “On the Camino, stones have immense significance and power. It is said that if you hold one in your hand, it will absorb all the sorrow and grief you want to load into it. Stones can take it;that’s why they are so hard. When you’ve finished depositing sorrow into your stone, you place it back on the path, effectively leaving your or someone else’s sorrow on the Camino. It’s another reason the Camino is known as the ‘Trail of Pain’. I highly, highly recommend this book. The pilgrimage – not so much. I think I would pass out on the first day. It takes about a month to complete. Am I a bad person?