At the 69th Annual Golden Globes last night, some of  the best Globe moments for me..and I’m paraphrasing.. came from the most unlikely people- Madonna and Dustin Hoffman!  Whether Madonna’s response to Ricky making fun about still singing, ‘Like a Virgin’ was planned or not- she delivered it with lots of New York attitude,
“If I’m still a virgin, why don’t you come over here and do something about it.
I haven’t kissed a girl in years..on tv.” SNAP
( Madge looked great, by the way. I personally would have covered up the Cobras but she’s had just the right amount of face work to look amazing.)
Another unlikely source for zingers- Dustin Hoffman???

“I’d like to thank my wife and agents for giving me the courage to come up here and read these nominations.” hahaha
I liked the kinder, gentler yet still wicked Ricky Gervias (  it was a terrific idea to give celebrities a response to his intros that left some very awkward moments last year)
Another great candid moment last night was when Sydney Poitier stopped during his Morgan Freeman tribute to just say hi to Elton John in the crowd.
Ricky’s parting shot to the audience at the end of the awards, “Go home with your goodie bags and your gold-  they should keep your mind off of the recession for awhile.”
It took 1 and a ½ hours to blast through the awards on the PVR ( perfect amount of time)
In my humble opinion, areas of improvement:
–         let the recipients drop the ‘shout outs’ to their agents, etc. Those people know who they are. Ask the recipients to make one heartfelt comment on stage.
–         Don’t pan the audience for reaction shots to Ricky Gervias. It’s uncomfortable. Leave the camera on Gervias and let everyone react naturally.
Why isn’t anyone calling me to fix these obvious errors? 🙂
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Ricky Gervias says it’s magically delicious.
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