‘Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body’ – Joseph Addison


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One of the ingredients from my keynote, ‘Relieving Stress with Humour’ is healthy mental activity. Reading is a great way to exercise our brain. May I present this month’s 1 minute shelf help – ‘Younger Next Year’ by Crowley and Lodge.


Crowley and Lodge talk about the importance of exercise and something called ‘adaptive micro trauma’. Check it out in the video below.


1 minute Shelf Help Picks – Younger Next Year


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I have created and hosted ‘Laugh Lines’, ‘ Stand Up For The Girls’ and ‘Dogstarz’. With the help of some amazing people, I have been able to help raise over $650,000 for breast cancer research and animal rescue groups. If you have a favourite charity or you’re looking for a unique way to host an event, let me help you.

By the way, here’s a few pics of some of my new students at Second City who are learning how to do stand up comedy!





‘I believe the greatest privilege in this world is to use your freedom of speech for those who have no voice.’ – Ricky Gervais
There are two fantastic animal groups in Ontario who are always looking for drivers.
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