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One of the ingredients from my workshop, ‘Relieving Stress with Humour’ is healthy mental activity.
Some of my favorite  ‘shelf help’ books offer me great insight everyday like the classic ‘Cybernetics’ by Maxwell Maltz.
Maltz says that if we can consciously figure out what we want, by visualizing it everyday, subconsciously our body tries to make that wish happen.
He says we should put more emphasis on ‘what’ we want instead of ‘how’ we are going to get it. Maltz says we should give our brain healthy vivid images to work with. In other words, set it and forget it – like ‘Shake and Bake’.  I love it!
‘Cybernetics’ by Maxwell Maltz. One of the classic ‘shelf help’ books!
As I mention in ‘Relieving Stress with Humour’, pets are a great way to beat stress. 
In the past, studies have shown that dogs, in particular, can lower our risk of depression, lower our blood pressure and increase our rate of recovery and longevity after a heart attack.
Recently, I created a pet project (no pun intended) called ‘Dogstar’. Dogstar is a nonprofit online program that brings awareness to pets that need forever homes.
I’m happy to share one of those adoption stories this month.


Dixie and Pixie


Dixie and Pixie were adopted together from Toronto Animal Service.
Claudia visited Toronto Animal Service and decided right away that she was going to adopt Dixie. She went home and called friends, hoping that she could get Pixie adopted by someone she knew so that at least, the two could at least see each other occasionally.
Claudia told her boyfriend that Dixie had a sister at the shelter.
Right away, he said, “Why didn’t you bring her home, as well?”
Claudia said she was ready to marry her boyfriend right then and there. What a great guy!
As it turns out, Claudia and her boyfriend have a big house and lots of room for the two dogs to roam. Claudia is also a dog trainer.
Dixie and Pixie have hit the doggy lottery jackpot!


Speaking of pet adoption, I love this super cool video.


By the way,  a special thanks this month to Pam Lau for the fabulous photo. I had a great time at the Markham Board of Trade Ladies’ Luncheon.



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