Dancing with The Stars kicked off another season last night and I have to give major kudos to Kirstie Alley. I didn’t watch Dancing with the Stars but a friend sent me this clip of Kirstie dancing and I can’t get over the fact…

that she is  60 years old!  I want to be taking whatever drugs she’s on when I’m her age. Wow.
It wasn’t an easy go of it for Kirstie  Alley .  First off, she was paired with Dancing with the Stars diva Maksim Chmerkovsky ( who actually wears more open shirts than  Mathew McConaughey)  But Kirstie Alley’s self deprecating humor put America at ease immediately. This Dancing with the Stars pair should be nicknamed the Fit and The Wit. Alley looked like she was going to have a heart attack during rehearsals. She huffed and puffed and got dragged around the Dancing with the Stars studio by Maks. But to her credit, she never complained. She just took a couple deep breaths, a sip of water, cracked a joke ( “ If someone told me to haul ass, I’d have to make two trips), and showed that Dancing with the Stars is not for the faint of heart. It’s hand to hand combat. Sure it’s disguised as the Cha Cha Cha but it’s full-on war underneath the ceremonial Dancing with the Stars disco ball.
When Alley and Maks hit the floor, they were seamless. The celebrity filled Dancing with the Stars botox injected audience almost expressed genuine joy.
Host Tom Bergeron seemed relieved it was over telling Alley, ‘ You made it!’
Dancing with The Stars judge Bruno called the performance the best of the evening.Carrie Ann gave them an 8, Len gave them a 7 and Bruno gave them an 8- 23/30.Sure, room for improvement but an amazing jump from the potential train wreck that we saw in rehearsals.
As I said, I don’t normally watch Dancing with The Stars and I don’t know if I still will (Unfortunately,  it’s not up to par with my regular high quality reality shows. Ie Survivior, American Idol, The Bachelor) but perhaps I will try this season. Let me see who else is competing…
Here we go…and the Dancing with the Stars line-up for 2011 is…..
Disney Channel’s Chelsea Kane ( who? C’mon Disney, do you have to be so obvious about shilling your celebrities)
Boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard ( I would HOPE he has some decent footwork. I hear half way through the season, he unveils his own Grill)
WWE Wrestler Chris Jericho ( I’m guessing he has NO footwork but I could be wrong)
Kendra Wilkinson (who starred in the reality show “ The Girls Next Door” as the girlfriend of Playboy’s  Hugh Hefner –eewwww)
Rapper L’il Romeo who has a show on  Nicklodeon ( sorry, don’t care)
Wendy Williams is host of the daytime talk show “The Wendy Williams Show.” ( okay, its official -now even I have a chance of being on Dancing with the Stars.)
Ralph Macchio  best known for his starring role in “The Karate Kid.” ( wow, what happened?  All that grueling Wax On Wax off training really took it’s toll)
Model Petra Nemcova was featured on the cover of the 2004 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. This survivor from the Indonesian tsunami deserves major applause for just competing.
Hines Ward- wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Okay, Now I remember why I don’t  watch Dancing with the Stars.