I didn’t WANT to LIKE this movie
Okay, so I didn’t want to like Transformers- Dark of the Moon.  However,  I took my nieces and you know what, it’s not bad. It’s pretty good, in fact. The Autobots and the Decipicons are battling over control of a Cybertronian spacecraft discovered on the moon and all hell breaks loose. Huh?
Yes, I actually went from ‘When the hell is this going to be over?’ to yelling, “Go Optimus. Take that Sentinel!”
Though, truthfully, I found it hard to discern between good guys and bad guys sometimes because they looked so similar. Maybe Transformers’ director Michael Bay should have taken cues from American Gladiator and just gone with a basic Team Red vs Team Blue. THAT, I can understand. Sadly, confusing battle scenes could be the ONE deciding factor that holds  Transformers back from a clean Oscar sweep…haha.
Patrick Dempsey doesn’t suit being a vilian
I’m a big fan of Grey’s Anatomy which makes it hard to buy Dr. McDreamy as a bad guy. Dempsey’s sweet voice doesn’t really sell the Transformers evil world domination vibe that we need from this role.
Is Megan Fox missed?
I don’t know. I didn’t see the first two Transformers but my nieces say that Fox brought a certain tomboyish quality to the roll that made you believe that she could handle herself against big bad aliens. English model (need I say more) Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was beautiful but why the hell was she still wearing lipstick after she just helped save the planet?
Sadly, Whitely’s role is wasted and once again,reflects geeky writers who should start dating before they include female characters in their movies 😉
21/2 hours- really??
LOVED the special FX but Tranformers- Dark of the Moon is half an hour too long. My nieces agree and that’s why Cybertron Croon and her cool mini sidekicks give Transformers 3 1/2 Moonrocks out of 5