Hi Friends,

Great February! Thanks the SBCI,
Sutton Group,
and Guelph Public Library
among others  for making my keynote and stand up events so much fun.


Wow,what a month it was. How about the winter Olympics? Go Canada Go.
Thank you to all of the Canadian athletes, coaches, volunteers, etc for making us so proud.
We are true Canucks. Even or bobsleds look like cans of Canadian beer!



This past month was awesome as well for my Second City students. You made me proud this past weekend when you put on a fantastic show. Considering many of you had never been on stage before, you were amazing and more importantly, funny!!



As many of you know, I’m a huge animal lover.  #Dogstar is my personal crusade to make more and more people aware of all the wonderful animals we have at our shelters. So happy to see that Zoey was adopted from Toronto Animal Services this month. She’s a real cutie.




Samson was another favourite. He was also adopted from Toronto Animal Services.
A couple of terrific animal stories that I was following in February.



Terrific news on the elephant front. The US government just banned all ivory sales within its borders. This is huge, considering that the US is the second largest ivory market in the world. It’s definitely news worth trumpeting about. Babar would be proud!
Here are two amazing videos that remind you that are there more good people than bad people out there when it comes to the preservation and welfare of animals.


Check them out


Two Helpless Deer Were Trapped On An Icy Lake. What A Father And Son Did Next Is Totally Brilliant. http://www.viralnova.com/deer-on-icy-lake/

Restore Your Faith in Humanity by Watching This Heart-Melting Compilation of Rescues http://www.godvine.com/Restore-Your-Faith-in-Humanity-fb-gv-4753.html
Finally on a personal note,this month I visited the country that my mom is from – Guyana, South America.
The last time I was in Guyana, I was 6 months old ( 30 years ago..haha) What an amazing country. The warmth, the kindness, the strength, the generosity and the humour of the people overwhelmed me.
Humor isn’t an option in Guyana- it is a necessity.
To all of my relatives and new friends who made it such a memorable trip. THANK YOU xoxo


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