Help, Colin Firth, Two and  Half Men desperately needs you!

Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen was making two and a half million dollars per episode during the shooting of Two and a Half Men.
There are thirteen episodes per season. The show has been on the air for ten years. You do the math. Not a lot left over.
Sadly, it’s a dilemma many North Americans face during this economic downturn.
What does one cut back on…heat, hydro, cocaine?
Recently, Sheen has been doing the circuit.
Apparently, he’s looking for somebody, anybody who will sympathize with his plight.
But how quickly Hollywood turns its back?
Mel Gibson called Sheen an embarrassment to the industry.
Muammar Gaddafi calls him egomaniacal and ruthless.
Sheen appeared on Good Morning America, Piers Morgan Tonight, Access Hollywood, The Howard Stern Show, The Shopping Network, Telemundo, The Weather Network, the Firelog Channel and the Swiss Chalet Rotisserie Chicken Channel on Rogers.
He also launched a twitter account which in its fist twelve hours picked up 600,000 fans.
If only social media was advanced enough to help Sheen get his message to the masses.
Perhaps he wouldn’t feel so isolated.
When Billy Bush from Access Hollywood told Sheen that CBS was considering replacing him with John Stamos, Sheen said, ‘ Good luck with that?”
Sheen is right to be insulted. Stamos barely has the chops to pull off such a complex character. What’s Colin Firth doing right now?
Sheen’s maintains that he’s done nothing wrong and he hopes that producers will get back to him. Someone check- is his ringer on?
This is yet another tragic example of what happens to actors who aren’t Scientologists.
The fame, the fortune-it’s too much.
Sheen says being sober is boring. Welcome to our nightmare, Charlie.
Sheen adds, “I’ve got to get questions answered. I think people are really starting to see that I was living a lifestyle that everyone was supporting and rooting for because it sort of mirrored what was going on in the show,” he said.
Hopefully, Dexter’s Michael C Hall doesn’t feel that way too.
Sheen says that if he would go back to the show, he would want a raise- at least three million per episode. I think that’s reasonable.